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Timothy Award Received

IMG_8970, a photo by Ben Biddle on Flickr. After several years of memorizing scripture in AWANA on Wednesday nights, Elizabeth earned her Timothy Award. The evening included snacks and cake!

Helping Children Find Their Identity

Which is more desirable: empowerment or connection? In her new book The Parent App, journalist Lynn Schofield Clark suggests that we've actually been undermining technology's ability to create deeper and more meaningful relationships.
(I)n the networked society, focusing on the empowerment of our individual children may be causing us to miss the bigger picture. We need to understand not only what's new about technology and how technology changes our children's environments but also how our traditional ways of communicating with one another in our families may be generating more work for us all, and may need to be rethought in the digital era. (p.xiii) Parents who seek to give their children every modern advantage, need to seriously consider the values and family dynamics they are developing. Yes, an unlimited family texting plan allows them to stay in contact but how many quality discussions happen under 120 characters with the lose of eye contact?

While parents shoul…