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Summer PD: The Office At Endor

This summer I'm running a professional development program for staff called the Office at Endor. It's loosely based on the defunct mobile game Tiny Death Star.

The basic premise is that after the destruction of the Death Star off the forest moon of Endor, the rebel Alliance realized they could convert the abandoned shield base into an office outpost. The Ewoks were more than eager to lend their assistance to the cause as it would bolster their status in the economic structure of the new government.

As staff learn new skills, they add levels to their office complex. Each level costs a few credits to maintain and multiplies their productivity score for a total credits earned. These credits can be spent for real world items. So far, the turn out has not been too bad but I'm exploring ways to encourage more participation.
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Reading This Week: Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day! This has been a week of extremes: major items checked off my list with undone minor items increasing stress. The weather has turned enough that I swapped out the storm windows for screens. And now I'm adjusting back to night time noise while sleeping with the window open.

Here are a few of the online articles that caught my attention this week:
Things to Do- Free Comic Book Day 2018 - from Geeking in Indiana by Anthony Troxell4 Ways to Finish the School Year Well - from Ministry Impact by Meredith Mahon Morris3 Smart Assistants for Church Productivity - from The Shelby Blog by Don AlsupHow to Find a Good Church - from Answers In Genesis by Scot ChadwickNew Incredibles 2 Footage! - from Upcoming Pixar by JoannaJilted 10 - Rocks and Hard Places or When Trapped in Ministry - from The Homilies of St. Asinus by St. Asinus

Reading This Week: Reconnecting

This week has seen as little activity as possible as I desperately try to rest up and reconnect with all that was put off during production week. I mowed the grass for the first time this season, started on the Netflix version of Lost in Space and began installing a new WiFi system at work.

While I was also able to get in some book reading, very few web articles caught my eye. These three are not really related to each other but do reflect my attempt to reconnect with the larger world.
Star Wars Interactive Galaxy Map - from ChurchMagSummer 2018 Employmentfrom The Freckledy RangerAlternative Tourist Spots in the UK from Study Across the Pond Have a great weekend!

Reading This Week: Communication

It's been a long week with ISTEP testing and Wizard of Oz production. The show opens tonight and it has been exciting to see my daughter take on so many roles. As student director she has done a lot of design work, painted sets, made costumes and created an elaborate shadow theater feature.

Because of all that activity, I have not had time to post more this week. I was able to quickly skim through several blogs and found the following to be helpful. Happy reading!
Winding Down, Gearing Upby Five Star TechnologyThat time I met Barbara Bush and her running shoesby Lisa Jakob27 Explosive Facts About The Incredibles 2 That will Get You Pumped For The Filmby Upcoming Pixar5 Strategies for Better Communication in 2018by Church JuiceYour Wireless Microphones Might Be Illegal Soonby The Shelby BlogThe Lost Art of Dialogueby Ministry ImpactThe New Incredibles 2 Trailer is Here!by Upcoming Pixar

Reading This Week: Looking for Growth

I noticed today that the leaves are beginning to bud on the rose bushes. There is an old adage that roses should be pruned when the lilac leaves are the size of a mouse's ears. Since I don't often have a mouse to compare with the leaves it can be a bit of a guessing game.

It feels a bit late this year but we have seen below average temperatures for several weeks. It seems like winter's grip may never loosen but before long I'll be weeding the overgrowth pictured from a couple summers ago.

Here are several articles I have found helpful or encouraging this week. Happy reading!

Data Can Tell A Beautiful Story [Video] - from ChurchMagPasswords: Security is More Important Than Ever - from The Shelby Blog3 Critical Steps for Church Tech Growth - from Church Tech TodayMulti-Platform Proof Your Church - from ChurchMagRealm Pathways: When Ministry is Stuck In Neutral - from Ministry Impact'Bravo, Edna' - New Incredibles 2 Teaser - from Upcoming PixarThe Puzzle of Pluto …