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the furious longing of God: genesis

The phrase "furious longing of God" evokes emotions of insatiable desire and an ache deep within the soul. I'm often drawn, not to those who seemingly have it all together, but to those who are unwilling to remain content in their relationship with God.
a relentless quest to comprehend faith The "Faith Hall of Fame" in Hebrews 11, is full of people who act, not out of a sense of devotion or complicit obedience, but a compelling need to know God better. And as verse 13 points out, they did not have or receive all the answers!

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Book Review: Burn My Heart

Burn My Heart by Beverley Naidoo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As historical fiction, Beverley Naidoo's story serves as a vehicle for bringing to light a poorly documented period of history leading up to Kenya's independence. The story juxtaposes two boys' experiences, one as the colonial land owner's son and the other as son to a native laborer. Each boy's choices have unintended consequences, spiraling out of control within the larger Mau Mau independence movement. But even though it is rooted in history, the message is clearly aimed at themes of nationalism, self determination and forgiveness.

Intended for upper elementary, the book reads quick. There are several dialectic terms and names used but a glossary is available in the back of the book. The colonial father also uses "damn" eight times. I'm sure the author intended it to emphasize the stress felt by the adults, but is unnecessary as the story telling presents the tension well enough without the e…

Passionate Purpose

Yesterday I was brainstorming with a coworker on writing projects for gifted students. At first she was looking for creative ideas of topics that students could write on. But then I redirected her thinking towards the purpose of the writing.

By allowing students to choose their topic of writing, it gives them the freedom to explore and question the world around them. Directing them away from fiction writing, we give real purpose to research - the exploration for an answer. Suddenly the focus shifts away from completing a grade or meeting a standard to inquiry and search for understanding.
For students to write meaningful content, they need to be passionate about it.  As teachers, we know it's important for students to (fill in the blank), but we don't always express the purpose well. Too often I hear that students will need these skills when they reach the next level. Elementary prepares for middle school which prepares them for high school where they are prepared for college…