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Pony Express Museum

Pony Express Museum
Originally uploaded by Meditechguru Perhaps you have heard some people lament the rapid changes in technology. Yesterday's 3G has been replaced by today's 4G and will we even bother with 5G or skip straight to 6?
The history of communication is rife with momentary blips; failed ventures and quickly replaced devices. One such example is the Pony Express. Operating for just over a year, it was the fastest, most reliable method for delivering written mail between California and the East.
The Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri has done an excellent job of presenting the struggles and achievements made by the venture. There is some reading, but plenty of hands-on activities for little buckaroos.
I particularly enjoyed the archeological finds, such as the working well used to water the horses which had been lost and forgotten. Whether it's a day long excursion or just a stop on the road, be sure to check out the Pony Express Museum.

More photos here.

It's A Bridge of Water, Over Water!

Metamora 007
Originally uploaded by Meditechguru If you have never visited the old canal town of Metamora, you really need to take a drive down State Road 52 in Indiana. For just a few dollars, you can ride an operating canal boat on the historic Whitewater Canal. And if the quaint shops, grist mill, trains or horses is not enough, there is one thing that you can NOT do any where else in the world. Metamora boast the only operational covered aqueduct in the world. In fact, the water bridge is so original that some of the graffiti dates back to the Civil War. You can check out more of our photos around this historic town on my flickr page. And if you teach in Indiana, this state historic site fulfills several elementary standards and has downloadable lesson plans to use on your visit.

Track Rats

Ovals and 8's. We spent Friday night under the lights at the Indianapolis Speedrome, "Home of the World Figure 8".
Crowd turnout was good (it was UAW night) but I would have enjoyed a larger competitor pool. Perhaps it's the recession. We saw Legends, Bandoleros, Junior Faskarts, Faskarts, and Hornets on both the oval and figure 8.
One faskart literally lost a wheel right before the start. The fire truck had to chase it around the track, but that bought the driver enough time to run to the pits and hop in his backup car. There were a couple real bang ups, but everyone walked away, if even with a sour disposition. Most of the evening was just good clean racing.