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Herd Mentality

Were you caught in the stampede? Wired Magazine is reporting that Apple sold over a million iPads in just four weeks. I wonder how many of those purchases were useful or just peer driven? Our hedonistic passion for the next hot thing is really getting out of control.
Another fascinating debate is the nature of our interaction with Apple through their product line. Mark Guzdial wondered if the iPhone had reach appliance status, that is when we no longer care about the inner workings, just expect the thing to work.
As a lifelong tinkerer, I hate to see people blissfully ignorant of the genius behind design. It amazes me how my classroom full of digital natives are totally clueless about HOW their world operates. An electric typewriter can create a class long distraction!
I recently explained it this way to my wife: at times of technological transition the most important people are those who can bridge both sides. Once the tide has passed, they become obsolete. Perhaps that is why I ofte…