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A Visit Down Under

Marengo Cave, a photo by Ben Biddle on Flickr. If you've never seen a cave before, Marengo is a great place to start. Though not the biggest cave, it sure has a lot of really interesting features. And the tours lasted less than an hour, not too long of a hike.

Celebrating 1840's Style

Metamora 4th July Parade a video by Ben Biddle on Flickr. We spent July 3rd in Metamora, Indiana. It's a small town built in the mid 1800's around the Whitewater Canal. We spent a lot of time walking around the shops. There was a lot of different things for sale. We also rode the canal boat Ben Franklin III. It was fascinating to go through the Duck Creek Aqueduct, the only one in the world. You don't normally think of a water bridge over water. We stayed for the parade. It wasn't very long but we got LOTS of candy. Be sure to check out our pictures.