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Vintage Dress Finds

While bumming around an antique store today I found some costume dresses for the upcoming drama "Cheaper by the Dozen." I'm not sure which of the daughters would wear them, but they can decide that after trying them on. They may not be 100% correct for the period but I think the audience will believe they are early 1920's.

The pink dress came with a belt but it was not the right time period. I could see it worn in Act 1 with a dark colored cardigan, perhaps blue. The plaid dress is lighter material and work well in Act 3.

There were a few other dressed I considered, but didn't want to spend too much since I was guessing sizes. That's the nice thing about having good seamstresses that can help fit the clothes to the actors. I was also able to pick up a pair of plaid slacks for Joe Scales and silk stockings for Anne.