A Full Day (of Excuses)

"I can't" has been replaced with a list of more sophisticated excuses. Today was the first day back after five days off for Thanksgiving, and it felt like all I heard were reasons something could not be done. Some excuses held merit and some were hollow. Quite frankly, I was exhausted at the end of the day from all the clamoring.
But then this evening I read Mary's post about Growing Brains and it got me thinking. Perhaps all the grumbling and excuses are not just laziness. They may be a sign that students are uncertain or apprehensive about what's being asked of them.
We have just a few weeks left in the semester and the holidays are a crazy time of year. Tomorrow I'll try asking more questions to dig down to the true nature of the excuses. Maybe I can ease some fears or encourage someone to take that leap of faith into the unknown.

Something's Off Kilter

Seriously? Richard Byrne posted a review of an app/game designed to teach kids about balance. Seems to me that getting pushed off the teeter totter would accomplish the same thing. Or try playing Jenga if the sight of blood makes you squeamish.

I guess concepts such as balance and motion become theoretical to a generation that sits on the couch all day.

We can do so much better than this.

Election Coverage In The Classroom

Several teachers have asked about election coverage websites they could use in class next Tuesday. Perhaps you would like to follow the results at work too. I suggest avoiding video sites as most business's bandwidth will not handle everyone streaming live video feeds. However, here are a few websites that might prove helpful throughout the day:
  • Politico.com Follow results for the 2012 Presidential, Senate, House and Governor races. Keep up with match ups and view historical voting results on our interactive election map.
  • Google Politics Your elections hub to study, watch, discuss, participate in and make your impact on the digital campaign trail.
  • Fox News Elections Find the most recent news about the presidential candidates, 2012 elections and the debates.
If anyone has additional sites to recommend, please pass them along.