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Showing posts from January, 2012

Need A Friend? Build One

My daughter really wants a friend to come over and play, but none was available. So she did the next best thing, build a robot puppy.
Sure I had to help guide her through some design modifications when we didn't have the exact pieces the instructions required. We downloaded a program that required little modification.
It was neat to watch her use my Archos to access the build instructions via the web rather than just beg to play games on it. But the best part was enjoying a Saturday afternoon together.

Racing Redundancy

This coming weekend is the annual AWANA Grand Prix, which means this weekend I'm building pinewood derby cars. My daughter came up with a rather creative design.
She wanted a model of the track the cars will actually run on. I cut the basic curve shape, she sanded until smooth. She also painted everything, including the tiny model cars. I cut the cars out of 1/4 inch plywood and shaped them up with a utility knife.
The miniature wheels are upholstery tacks and the lane strips are coffee stirrers. There is a cavity in the back for adding weights and everything is hot glued together.
Of course we'll try to win a few races but I hope she gets a design award.

Tron Light Cycle Build

My son really likes Tron and Legos, so why not build a light cycle? Using Lego Digital Designer, he fabricated a digital copy of the actual one he built. You can download the LDD file here to see the build instructions.
I especially like the Tron minifig with identity disc and disc holder strapped to the back.