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ISTE Standards Pennants

This year I decided to create pennants that list the seven main ISTE standards for students. Each pennant fits on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. I used superhero color combinations to match my classroom theme.

The reverse of each pennant has the standard title, a superhero logo and the standard number. After color printing each pennant, they were cut out and glued back to back. I then had them laminated for durability. The last step was to punch a hole in the top corners and thread them on a line of string.

I have a couple data drops in the middle of the room, which is why I went with a double sided approach. They could have easily gone on the wall as single sided pennants. You can view the pennants here and make a copy to modify for your own class theme. Perhaps in the future I will add each of the indicators, of course color coding them to the standard.