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Sorting Through Gen Con

It's been a few weeks since Gen Con came to Indy, but I'm just now sorting through all the business cards we picked up. It's always cheaper to ask for a business card and visit them online than fight the crowds waiting in line. So here's the list of personal favorites, in no apparent order:

The Game Crafter - You have the game, they have the parts. Then they will even sell your game for you! This could be a great resource for a custom game used in class. Or if students make games as part of an assignment, they could go one to publish and sell their idea.Billiboards - Quality Carrom products from around the world. We spent the good part of an hour playing Carrom at the booth. Billy Stevens was very gracious in explaining the rules, techniques and history of the game. We have a Carrom board decorating the wall but never had the pieces. We'll be buying the pieces soon!Minion Games - Picked up a free deck of the game Sturgeon. The kids really enjoyed it, Nana had some d…

Tech In Class Is Like Christian Music

Growing up, contemporary Christian music didn't exist. If there was Christian music on the radio, it was usually at the beginning or end of a sermon. I remember listening to light rock or easy listening radio stations, some might even call it elevator music, but that was the least offensive you could get. The result was that the music we sang in church on Sunday was vastly different from what we heard the rest of the week. Very few radio stations played hymns with organ accompaniment. 
Today, my kids listen to KLOVE and we sing the same songs in church. It's a vastly different dynamic. Where I felt a dichotomy, my kids experience unity. The music on Sunday morning echoes throughout the week. Sunday and Monday are leveled to the same plateau, a continuity of worship.
What struck me though was the analogy to technology in the classroom. When we use the internet, social media and mobile devices in class, those tools and lessons can continue to reverberate all week long. The greates…