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Antarctic Adventures

Remember the Pick A Path and Choose Your Own Adventure books? I made a PowerPoint template to recreate the story feature. Students will write a guided adventure story that is already hyper-linked.I even gave them a flowchart to help organize their plot. The topic we're covering is Antarctica in Geography class and so that explains the penguins on the background. You can download a copy from Google Docs and modify according to what ever topic you're covering. It wouldn't be too difficult to expand the plot lines, but I'm only spending 45 minutes on this one so I opted to keep it simple. If they finish early, I plan to have students read the other stories.

Talking Strategy

Just caught a link to President Obama's International Strategy for Cyberspace. At twenty-five pages it might be summer break before I can completely digest it. A quick glance at the table of contents didn't reveal any specific links to education, rather a focus on security and economic prosperity.

Fishing at The Fort

The rain finally left after lunch and I was able to get about three hours of fishing at Delaware Lake in Fort Harrison State Park. Didn't catch anything but did see water snakes. Either it was the same snake following us around or there were three different ones.
There were several other fishermen around and no one seemed to be catching much besides a couple small ones thrown back. Even so, it was a lot of fun.

Park Site - Park Map


The Museum of 20th Century Warfare is located within Fort Harrison State Park. Though it only took about a half hour to tour the facility, there was plenty to see. My favorite item was the Russian machine gun. 
There were a couple large models, one was of the USS Indianapolis and the other was the inside of a tank. I took lots of pictures to show my friends at school. Check them out here.
Park SiteMuseum Site - Museum Facebook Page