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Two Weeks To Go

Here's my classroom two weeks before school starts. Bit of a wreck, but all for a good cause. The walls got a fresh coat of paint! I'll also need to reorganize all the computers in the building as the elementary lab is being replaced by a rolling cart full of laptops. We've have a few new teachers who will need their own desktops too,

Currently Unavailable

My journey over to the Indiana Department of Education website was rebuffed this morning. Instead of finding the usual home page visuals, all to be found was this sticky note pinned in the middle of the page.  It's a little disappointing that I cannot access the data this weekend, but the note was a nice touch. Downtime is sort of the necessary evil of web design: how to perform needed maintenance without interrupting service?  In this age of 24/7 connectivity, we all need some downtime - a chance to unplug and relax. But we also need to realize that others may not be available on my schedule. They need downtime too. This past week I was largely unavailable due to family commitments but continued to monitor email and voice mail. It's interesting how often we believe our own problems are more important than other peoples', if we even consider that others may be experiencing issues or troubles we don't understand.  The business world has developed a response to this: it…

Mapping Science

Can geography and science mix? Of course, especially with Google Maps! Check out these lesson plans over at Quest:
This summer's travels to Gatlinburg and the Boundary Waters both included several opportunities to show my kids the science behind geography. Now we may not agree with everyone's interpretation of the data (billions of years versus universal flood), actually walking on the rocks and trying to understand what we see is really quite fun.
Another way that Google Maps can help is by providing satellite imagery. That's something most schools did not have access to just a few years ago.