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Daily Ninja: Four

Slide and

Copy the code below into your user levels and enjoy!

Download the full version here.

Daily Ninja: Three

Good things come in threes, right? Just be careful you're not too greedy! My idea was to mimic a digital clock three but needed space for the guy to pass through. I really wish it was possible to create hidden passageways. Oh well.

Copy the code below into your Ninja user levels to enjoy.


Ninja Challenge: Two

Continuing the theme begun yesterday, I found inspiration from the Romans. Two drones seem hardly a challenge but the Fox and the Geese style loop allows for trapping.

Copy the following code into your user level  document and enjoy!


Daily Ninja Challenge: One

Ok, here's the deal: create a Ninja level every day for 30 days. They don't have to be outstanding or particularly creative. Just crank one out each day for the next thirty days. I've decided to go with a numbers theme.
The first ONE is rather easy to complete (thus the minuscule rewards) but pay attention to your emotions. There is just a hint of peril, a slight elevation in tension. You MIGHT not make it. And really, isn't the rush of adrenaline the whole addiction to gaming?

Here's the original game download with instructions. Copy/paste my level data into the custom levels:

Andaman Islands Language Becomes Extinct as Elder Dies - TIME

Andaman Islands Language Becomes Extinct as Elder Dies - TIME
I think we often forget just how intimately language is tied to computer tech. Perhaps by examining linguistic diversity we could develop better program structures or GUI? Just imagine adding the complexity of tense, gender and person within a single program command similar to the way Russian modifies a single word. Perhaps that's the pitfall of English speakers predominantly involved in computer language development.

Gaping Holes

Bright minorities don't get a fair shake. As I understand the article, we're closing the gender/race gaps for MINIMAL achievement but not for top performers.
Interesting angle on the pursuit of excellence in education. Perhaps excellence is not so much everyone achieving a certain level but everyone being able to excel as their are capable.
Sounds like a case for one-to-one computing models of teaching.

Movie Review: An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong

"Be courageous. Be a friend. Be yourself." That is the lesson Chrissa Maxwell (played by Sammi Hanratty) learns after moving to a new school midyear. As Chrissa desperately tries to make new friends, she is confronted with a classic trio of mean spirited bullies.
At ten years old, it is difficult for Chrissa to confide with her parents all the hurtful things that are done.But in the end, though friendships may never be forged, the bullying is stopped.
Our entire family watched watched the movie together. I was leery of all the pink packaging and braced myself for a Valentine's weekend "little chick" flick with my own 3rd grade American Girl fanatic. I was pleasantly surprised.
Throughout the movie, our twelve year old boy couldn't contain his distaste for the way Chrissa was being treated. He even pointed out early on that she should have shared her problems with an adult. Afterwards, both kids easily picked up on the message of how to handle bullies.
I was…