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Summer Design Contest

I'll buy a Dunkin' Donut for whoever develops the best design. Your challenge is to develop an overall design theme for use with the technology dept classes.

Category 1 (Icons)
Icons must be 50 x 50 or smaller. The classes are: JH Keyboarding (7th and 8th), Computer Applications, Desktop Publishing, Digital Communications Tools, Web Design, Computer Programming.

Category 2 (Wallpaper)
Wallpaper must be 1680 x 1050. Do not include any student images.

Submit your design to me via email: bbiddle at
Contest ends August 15th. Be creative and have fun!

Tent Makers

July 4th 045
Originally uploaded by Meditechguru This morning we went to the local theater's free summer show for kids, which happened to be Kitt Kittredge. For some reason my kids were fascinated with the hobo camp. So upon returning home they decided to make hobo tents of their own.
My son used four wooden dowel rods with duct tape to hold them together as the frame. Over that was draped a wool blanket and because I wouldn't let him punch holes in it with stakes, bricks held the sides down.
My daughter went with an indoor model (knowing it could stay up longer). She gathered four chairs and draped a quilt over them, using stacks of magazines to hold down the sides.
They're a pretty creative pair when you turn the TV off for a few hours!

July 4th 044
Originally uploaded by Meditechguru

Think Before Doing

Since I just had my 37th birthday, I thought a little more exercise in my life might be a good thing. So last night I joined the varsity soccer boys at their open field. I got way more than "a little" exercise. I'm stiff and sore today, but not immobile.
We did drills for what seemed hours. Several times I thought I was going to collapse into the tall grass but fearful that no one would find me, I stayed upright. I have a feeling that not cutting the grass on the field is actually a way to improve strength - higher knee lifts are needed and kicking the ball is much harder.
Perseverance paid off. By the time we got to scrimmaging (freshman and me vs. upperclassmen, nice) I was able to keep up and still play the ball enough to score two goals, there were no goalies on the shortened field. But the upperclassmen won the game quite handily.

Moon Craters Up Close

A week ago while out on a bike ride, I spied a telescope someone had discarded into the roadside trash. Being ever the pack rat, we went back and snagged it before the trash truck arrived. Tonight was the first clear night since. The kids were fascinated to see the craters on the moon in such vivid detail.
It's a Bushnell Sky Chief II with wood tripod. Everything works great. It has a few more fine tuning adjustment knobs than the telescope I had as a kid, which makes it easier to track objects across the sky.
My next hack project will be trying to figure out a way to connect a webcam or digital camera to the lens!