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CyberSmart Family Toolbox

Parents often struggle with the same technology issues as teachers in the classroom. Too many parents provide digital tools for their children but are unsure how to train them in the proper use of that technology.

A good place to find resources on everything from cyber-bullying to posting photos online can be found in the CyberSmart Family Toolbox. Look through the info sheets, parent advice videos and surveys for helpful resources, then pass them along to your students' parents.

Together we can raise up capable and confident digital citizens.

Make A Vocabulary Slide Show

To review vocabulary, have students build Lego scenes to illustrate each word.

Use a dry erase board to add the word, definition and sentence. Students then use an iPad to capture images and create a PowerPoint slide show. Working in groups, they can create several scenes in a short amount of time.​ 
Print a slideshow handout to create a study guide or flip book for review with up to nine slides per page. Older students may be able to review using a digital device. Post the finished slide show for parents to see.