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Catch A Wave

and you're sittin' on top of the world. I just received an invite to the new Google Wave. It looks promising as a means for mashing several popular communication media together. I'd like to test drive it with my Multimedia class but somehow I doubt they really want to talk to me outside of school.
As with any new social media, building your contact base takes time. Even more so when it's by invite only. I can easily see business applications but it's the entertainment and social networking that will ultimately drive our "need" for it.
I'll try to find one of my smaller classes with tech savvy students that would be willing to test drive the new Wave and report back in a couple of weeks.

That's What You Get Folks, For Making Wikis

This weekend I started revising an old wiki for school. A couple years ago I signed up for the free, educational version account at wikispaces but never really developed it. I finally figured it out.
It seems there are always a few zippy kids who get done with the assignment long before everyone else. They are the ones who ask, "What do I do now?" And now I have an answer: WikiPatriot
OK, the graphics aren't that exciting and there are too few links, but soon it will be DYNAMIC! (cue the music) Really, the idea is more of a directory to various edutainment type sites. The curious can explore, perhaps even learn a thing or two. Then hopefully as a side benefit, the slower dawdlers will pick up the pace to get to all the "cool games".
I've found a couple other similar sort of sites, but none have impressed me. So I was left to build my own. Maybe I could enlist other teachers and parents to help build it? It is a wiki after all :)