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Web Design Sources

A recent web design blog assignment requires students to "analyze quality discipline-specific information from various sources." When the kids asked what discipline specific meant, I explained that citing uncle Bob was probably not a quality source for web design concepts.
In addition to books I have or have found online, here are a few sites I recommended to the kids: Webmonkey, Smashing Magazine,, NetMagazine and TutsPlus.

Using Internet Media

As teachers, we should model good digital citizenship and teach our students how to responsibly use/document information found on the Internet. This includes photos and videos in addition to text. Here are a few key resources to help: Information on best practices regarding media in education - list of web sites that provide copyright friendly media - site documentation and bibliography creator - Don't send students to Google for resources. Instead, provide students with a list of recommended sites as a starting point. This will help them find quality content rather than just high ranking advertised sites.

Stunning Displays of Lego Creativity

The kids and I  thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon at BrickWorld Indy. My favorite was the moon sets from the 80's and 90's that I remember owning. That was back when mini-figs all looked the same. My daughter was partial to the Cincinnati Bricks vendor because they had an Indian horse with blanket decorations.
We also picked up a brochure about the Travel Adventure Challenge sponsored by the Children's Museum. This contest might be good to incorporate into a class too. Students would need to design and build a transportation machine, then write a story about the adventures they would have in that machine.