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Technology Display

Each winter our school hosts an evening when parents and prospective families can come check us out. Teachers create displays that showcase their areas of teaching. Besides course descriptions and photos on the tri-fold display board, I had a couple challenges available.
The Communication Challenge required two people to build identical Lego objects without being able to see each other, only verbal sharing. The Dice Challenge had two big foam dice and asked:
1. Is it easier to get a six with one or two dice?
2. Are more likely to roll a two with one or two dice?

Lesson In Journalism Ethics

Apparently egregiously offensive terms are OK as long as they are bleeped out. This is not the lesson I want my journalism students to learn.

The Kansas City Star It's playoff time. Hopes and tensions run high, but only one team can end their season without a loss. On Saturday, January 4, the Indianapolis Colts delivered a stunning defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs. I watched the game at home and as a Chicago Bears fan, would have preferred more defensive efforts from both teams.

Making the rounds today, is a photo of the Kansas City Star's Sunday sports section. In bold, uppercase letters the headline reads HORSE(BLEEP). View Jeff Rosen's original twitpic here. Yes it says "bleep" and not the actual word intended. Yes, it's clever. Yes, it gets your attention. Yes, it sums up the overall mood of Chiefs fans. But it is amazing the editors had the nerve to run it. Even though the offensive word is "bleeped out," there is no denying its presence.