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Family Feud and Taking Risks

It's spring break and that means we can drag out the really long board games. This afternoon we've seen entire continents change hands!

This game of Risk is only two hours old but the typical strategies have begun to emerge: defensive wars of attrition followed by intensive campaigns to wipe players off the map. Hopefully everyone is still speaking to each other when it's all over.

A View From Space

Did you know the International Space Station broadcasts a live video stream? When the astronauts are on duty, the feed shows them working.

I wonder how each of us would feel knowing there was a live video feed of us working? This could be a great discussion starter about privacy issues and being mindful of the testimony our actions tell.

Off duty shots show views of earth, all in real time. Another neat thing is that the space station travels so fast that they experience a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes.

Watch the live feed at

Getting the Money Shot

I try not to promote my own kids too much at school, probably to the point that they don't receive their due recognition. But this photo was too good to ignore, even if my kid is in it.
The photo was taken in low light with no flash. The photographer didn't know what was coming to time the shot. And it was full action. She took several other fabulous pictures from the performance. 
It was fun watching a yearbook staffer scoot down the aisle in the middle of a performance, trying to get the best shot. It's great to see them become fearless behind the camera.

Re-Imagine Your Classroom

Remember rearranging your college dorm room at 2am? Don't be afraid to re-imagine physical space, especially when it's tied to a child's education. Isn't that why kids love field trips? I can see how mobile technology offers more layout options. Hardwired desktops have a limited reach and configuration. Think of ways to combine the two.

I appreciate the way the designers involve students and peers of the teacher, looking for solutions that involve those most impacted and are not just top down decisions. Modeling a collaborative environment in a real world application that has tangible results: excellent example!