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In An Instant

Updated my bulletin board for Christmas. "He made a Way in the Manger to make a way to the Cross" via Instagram

In An Instant

Using water to form stars from broken toothpicks. #science via Instagram

In An Instant

Space on the couch is at a premium. Glad I got here early! via Instagram

In An Instant

Dog sitting this adorable bundle of energy. Finally still enough for a picture! #puppyplaydate via Instagram

Imaginary Zeros Are Real!

This video was helpful tonight as I discovered how to predict the possible quantity of negative and imaginary zeros (while factoring polynomials). I know my students wish that zeros were imaginary but the grade book ones are real!

Answers for Teachers

This would make a great professional development day! Answers for Teachers is a one day conference geared towards educators of all grade levels. Not only can you receive CEU (continuing education units) but complimentary museum passes! My wife attended a couple years ago and really got a lot out of it that she could use in the classroom.

In An Instant

Hated waking her up this morning. #firstsnowfall via Instagram

All You Have To Do Is Ask

As students entered my room today, I asked each one what was the best part of their weekend. Of course several could not even remember having a weekend, but others shared interesting details.

One student who has a keen interest in beekeeping was excited to have talked with an Amish beekeeper at a farmers market. Another student attended a Bible conference where they met total strangers with similar interests.

One student did not have a great weekend because mom was sick and needed to help out around the house. And another student and I are reading the same trilogy and we were able to discuss the same chapters.

Later, a student asked if my question had anything to do with class. I honestly replied that it did not, that I was only taking an interest in their life. A teacher can learn a lot about students through a few simple questions and by taking the time to listen to what's important to them.

In An Instant

Enjoying a nostalgic Saturday afternoon reading a paper book and spinning old 45's. #analog via Instagram

First Grade Impressionist Landscapes

Teach first grade about Monet with the spray can in Microsoft Paint!

This week we looked at several examples of Monet paintings and identified key features such as a horizon line and blended colors. Then I showed them how to use the Paint spray can tool, especially the different sizes of spray. Students also learned how to select custom colors. This was important to create the subtle color variations.

Students then chose a basic landscape background to modify. Several templates had white skies which some kids made into night scenes! I continue to be amazed and surprised by my students creativity as we use art to learn about basic computer tools.

In An Instant

Sound the alarm! Did you change the batteries in your smoke detectors today? via Instagram