Saturday, June 13, 2009

On The Beat with Kit

There was an estate auction just down the block from us today and the little princess spied a manual typewriter. Of course it was just like the one American Girl Kit Kittredge uses. We've read the books about Kit, seen the movie, and now we can create our own newspapers.
It was a tough battle to win the bid though. The auctioneer started at $20, right at the most I was willing to pay. But no one bit on it so he dropped to $10 and then to $5 when I spoke up.
Suddenly the guy next to me was interested (probably an antique dealer, certainly not a dad who would have to deal with a heartbroken little girl). We battled in $2.50 increments until his will was finally broken. I had won the coveted prize for a mere $15.
I really want to bring it in to school. Next time someone from study hall "needs to type a report that's due next hour" I can give them a choice; either the electric typewriter or the manual.