Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Think Before Doing

Since I just had my 37th birthday, I thought a little more exercise in my life might be a good thing. So last night I joined the varsity soccer boys at their open field. I got way more than "a little" exercise. I'm stiff and sore today, but not immobile.
We did drills for what seemed hours. Several times I thought I was going to collapse into the tall grass but fearful that no one would find me, I stayed upright. I have a feeling that not cutting the grass on the field is actually a way to improve strength - higher knee lifts are needed and kicking the ball is much harder.
Perseverance paid off. By the time we got to scrimmaging (freshman and me vs. upperclassmen, nice) I was able to keep up and still play the ball enough to score two goals, there were no goalies on the shortened field. But the upperclassmen won the game quite handily.