Monday, November 9, 2009

That's What You Get Folks, For Making Wikis

This weekend I started revising an old wiki for school. A couple years ago I signed up for the free, educational version account at wikispaces but never really developed it. I finally figured it out.
It seems there are always a few zippy kids who get done with the assignment long before everyone else. They are the ones who ask, "What do I do now?" And now I have an answer: WikiPatriot
OK, the graphics aren't that exciting and there are too few links, but soon it will be DYNAMIC! (cue the music) Really, the idea is more of a directory to various edutainment type sites. The curious can explore, perhaps even learn a thing or two. Then hopefully as a side benefit, the slower dawdlers will pick up the pace to get to all the "cool games".
I've found a couple other similar sort of sites, but none have impressed me. So I was left to build my own. Maybe I could enlist other teachers and parents to help build it? It is a wiki after all :)