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Word Processors

The Comp Apps girls seemed to enjoy my offbeat antics today. In order to introduce formatting documents in our section on Word Processing, I started out with a headset microphone and infomercial style hard sell. I tried my best to impersonate the late Billy Mays. I then led into a quick Will It Blend video illustrating how powerful my word processor was.
By that time I had either confirmed their suspicions or won them over. We continued with some animated practice with the textbook's data files and wrapped up the class with saving a word doc in HTML. Overall a good class. It will be interesting to see how the guys respond tomorrow.

Innovative Web Design

Have you been to Zoomii??? Talk about a creative approach to web based book sales. It's also an interesting way to illustrate the concept of "drilling down". But mostly I like the way it feels like your browsing through a bookstore. That's something that's often lost in web design - take a familiar experience and reproduce it in 2D on the web.

Lovin' the Cloud

I gave a web based quiz today that sends the results to my Inbox. So now I'm putting those grades into our web based grade book system while monitoring a fantasy football draft. And I didn't need to bring any papers home. How cool is that?

Downtime Procedures

Coming out of a health care background, we always had downtime procedures to follow in the event that the network went down. I enacted mine today.
The Computer Applications class has a whopping 30 boys in one lab but I only had 28 PC's, including the teacher's presentation one. So during prep period I moved two PC's down from another lab and set them up. Apparently it was the straw that broke the camel's back. About five minutes into class the entire room went out; every PC screen went black.
Having fiddled with another teacher's computer that died during a power surge the previous year, I knew that all the computers were on the same circuit and suspected that we'd just blown it. Since it was going to take maintenance a few minutes to find the problem and turn the power back on, I took the class down to the food court for study hall the rest of the hour.
It will probably be a few days/weeks before the circuit load is rectified so it looks like I'm back to ra…