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My Life In a Grid

Here's a Master Scope and Sequence for all my classes this year. Looks like I'll be plenty busy.

2010-2011 Scope and Sequence
Student Publications
Web Design
Computer Applications
Computer Programming
Yearbook Basics
Introducing Networks and the Internet
Research Skills
Geography: Finding Our Place in the World
Microsoft Office Basics
Computers and Programming Language
The Sociological Point of View
Introducing Windows XP
Yearbook Copy
The Earth's Surface
Using a Word Processor
Small Basic - Introduction, Understanding Our first Program
Introducing the World Wide Web and Internet Explorer
Cultural Diversity
Formatting Documents
Small Basic - Variables, Conditions and Branching
Yearbook Design
Advanced Formatting Features
Small Basic - Loops, Beginning Graphics
Yearbook Photography
Cultural Conformity and Adaptation
Using a Spreadsheet
Small Basic - Fun with Shapes, Turtle Graphics
History of Journalism
Introducing HTML
The Northeastern United States
Functions and Data Organization
Small Basic - Subroutines
Social Structure
The Southern United States
Creating Charts
Small Basic - Arrays
Law and Ethics of Mass Communication
The Middle Eastern United States
Advanced Spreadsheet Techniques
Small Basic - Events and Interactions
Introducing Dreamweaver
Socializing the Individual
The Western United States
Using a Relational Database
Introducing Visual Basic.Net
Organizing Your Multimedia Effort
Relational Database Techniques
Variables and Constants
The Adolescent in Society
Middle America
Web Site Development
South America
Analyzing Data in a Database
Controlling Program Flow with Decision Structures
The Adult in Society
American Units Review
British Isles and Scandanavia
Creating Presentations
Controlling Program Flow with Looping Structures
Personal Site Development
Deviance and Social Control
Continental Europe
Advanced PowerPoint Features
Writing for Publication
Mediterranean Europe
Desktop Publishing
Social Stratification
Eastern Europe
Editing the News
Images in Dreamweaver and Fireworks
Microsoft Office Basics
Mathematical and Business Functions
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Caucasus and Central Asia
Handling Quotations
European Units Review
Using a Word Processor
Typography, Style Sheets, and Color
Gender, Age, and Health
South Asia
Formatting Documents
Arrays and Structures
In-Depth Reporting
Southeast Asia
Advanced Formatting Features
The Family
East Asia
Using a Spreadsheet
Introducing Flash
The Persian Gulf
Functions and Data Organization
Color and Graphics
The Economy and Politics
The Eastern Mediterranean
Creating Charts
Writing Features
Asian Units Review
Advanced Spreadsheet Techniques
Web Site Categories and Types
Education and Religion
North Africa
Using a Relational Database
Introduction to Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Editorials and Columns
West and Central Africa
Relational Database Techniques
Science and the Mass Media
East and South Africa
Various Robotics Projects
Television, Radio and the New Media
Complete Personal Web Site
Africa Unit Review
Analyzing Data in a Database
Population and Urbanization
Australia and New Zealand
Ultimate Robotics Challenge
Pacific Islands
Creating Presentations
Collective Behavior and Social Movements
The Last Frontiers
Advanced PowerPoint Features
Oceana Units Review
Desktop Publishing
Social Change and Modernization
World Review

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Classcraft is a classroom management tool, an elaborate punishments and reward system designed like an epic role play game. Students create avatars and can upgrade pets and outfits based on experience and gold points earned. They can also lose points and suffer minor penalties. Everything is done in a fun, game like environment.

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