Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yearbook Final

The yearbook staff chased down the
maintenance crew salting the sidewalks.
No, the book isn't finalized, we simply had the semester final. Rather than ask them to repeat a bunch of ideas about inverted pyramids and white space, I had the students create a page spread... from scratch... in just two hours. It was a lot of fun!

Deadlines are a big part of journalism and ours are usually weeks apart. I explained that we USUALLY refine a page for weeks, sometimes months, so I was not looking for that level of perfection. I wanted to see them work the process from beginning to end. Would they remember HOW to develop the angle, visually and verbally? Could they work efficiently?

It didn't help that the old SLR camera's shutter quit working and maintenance (the subject of the page spread) was difficult to find. But they persevered! I really appreciate the staff's dedication to QUALITY.

Not only did they work hard on fake page spreads for the final, but later in the day when they had study hall, the seniors returned to the computer lab and worked on additional page spreads. Come to think of it, they almost put in a full day's work just on yearbook. That's pretty sweet.