Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Web Contact Pages: Add A Map

Tron Light Cycle
photo courtesy of via flickr
As much as we might like to live digitally, most of us still maintain some type of physical presence in the world. And if we want people to interact with us beyond reading our web posts, some type of contact information is required. But that's no reason the contact page needs to be boring. Here's a quick way to spice it up: add a map!
  • Go to Google maps and locate your physical place in the world. 
  • Look for the "Link" option in the top right corner of the map.Clicking on it will give you two options: a single hyperlink to your map and iframe HTML to embed in your site.
  • Copy and paste the embed HTML onto your contact page.
As an added bonus, you can customize the look of your map. Simply select "Customize and preview embedded map" located underneath the HTML code. This gives a pop up window where you can select the appropriate size for your map with updated HTML. As an example, here's the Contact Us page for our school.