Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Different Kind of Testing

Let the world determine the value of a student's work effort. Perhaps we shelter students too much within an academic bubble. Rubrics and multiple choice evaluations have their place but what if we allowed the world to share an opinion of each student's effort?
Evaluation is the second highest order of thinking in Bloom's Taxonomy. Students need to develop the skill of reflection and a critical eye towards their own work. But it is often difficult to see your own work from another's perspective. And if the only feedback is from a teacher, that evaluation can be easily dismissed.
That's why I was excited when a friend directed me to The Click Test and the Five Second Test. Brought to us by Usabilityhub, they provide an extremely easy method for evaluating web site design through real world testing.
I plan to have my Web Design class utilize the site to test out their own site designs. Not only is the feedback they receive valuable, but because the free version is "paid" by taking tests. That way they will gain a better understanding of how users see and understand web designs too.