Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who Put Them In Charge?

This article came across my inbox today. Two big red flags: 1) when did kids get to decide educational objectives and 2) they couldn't handle it.
Sure kids want digital learning, but few are willing to put the time and effort into developing the content. Most are consumer sponges, taking from the web but never contributing serious or meaningful content. When a kid says collaboration, they usually are looking for a free ride on someone else's data.
But another problem is that there are few students truly capable of leveraging the web as a learning tool. Really? Use the game console for WORK?! Most of the requests to use my computer lab by students outside of my class is for a project that is due now and their regular digital channels have failed them. That's when they come to me, looking for a fix to their problem.
Where are the problem solvers? Where are the innovators? The digital natives are still storing their important documents as email attachments! And don't even ask about downloading those photos off their iPhones - they have no clue how to do that.
That's just my second concern, the first is even more appalling. Since when did the adults decide it was a good idea to let the kids decide what sort of education is best for them? Really? Leave any kid to make their own dinner and provided they know how, it more than likely won't be healthy (mine included). It's not in a child's nature to know or desire what is the best for them with a long term view in mind. We are all selfish by nature.
Come on adults! Buck up, and step up to the plate. Quit trying to make life easier for the next generation. They won't break and despite your fears, they won't hate you forever. In fact, they just might love you (some day) for holding them to a standard.