Friday, August 24, 2012

Sample Class Portfolio Using SkyDrive

I use three-ring binders to organize my teaching materials. It's a bit old fashioned but generally works for me. There is something comforting and satisfying about holding a lesson plan. (Perhaps after six years, I'm still not completely comfortable with the ever-changing content.)
During the first week, I knew I wanted to collect student work as a way to illustrate how well each student comprehends and the effort they put forth. My first thought was to use a file folder dedicated to each student. Doable, but a lot of archive management on my part.
My second idea was to have the students collect their work into three-ring binders, similar to a portfolio or notebook. That would free up my time in managing all the documents and give the students the opportunity to see how all their work fits together.
But then the lights finally clicked on in my head. Why not use the cloud to store and share all the documentation? The biggest decision I had now was which cloud service to use. Because most of my students live in the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint world, I decided to go with SkyDrive. The web app version allows students to create content directly on the web without owning local copies.
This has moved a whole list of concepts to the forefront: file management, file sharing, digital note taking, and realizing that everything can't be left at school. Of course we're still in the beginning stages and I'm working through the whole points for grade thing but I wanted the students to get an idea of what the portfolio could/should look like. Please click through the link above and give me feedback on any additional features a good school portfolio should contain. I'm hoping that the ambitious students will fill their folders with lots of cool, digital content.