Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 10 Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who by Ben Biddle
Doctor Who, a photo by Ben Biddle on Flickr.
OK, even the title is controversial. This is not an authoritative or exhaustive list, just a top ten in my book but totally subject to change. I present them in order of appearance.

1. The End Of The World - So much is explained for new viewers without becoming boring. 2. Dalek - Meet the Doctor's arch enemy and discover just how compelling Rose can be.
3. The Girl In The Fireplace - classic, sheer genius with a twist of irony.
4. Blink - maybe THE scariest creatures EVER, and the Doctor hardly appears.
5. Voyage of the Damned - touching, this is why the Doctor must never travel alone.
6. Silence in the Library - epic plot twists and con-flux of companions.
7. Midnight - even the Doctor can't take a vacation.
8. Vincent and The Doctor - a masterpiece of storytelling and art.
9. Curse of the Black Spot - creative, daring; a fun romp on the high seas
10. The Girl Who Waited - life is full of tough choices, be patient.

And just because there are so many great episodes out there, I'll chuck in another one: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. What are your top ten episodes?