Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Changing Spaces: Refreshing the Toad Habitat

Gidget (my daughter's toad) received a home makeover today. While the little hopper spent some time in one of the smaller aquariums, Elizabeth and I cleaned out and refurbished the toad tank.

The guiding concept was a private pool, set apart by several larger rocks. You can see Gidget enjoying this pool in the top left corner of the photo. We also included a rock bridge over to the pool area.

In the lower right, there is a potsherd that creates a little toad hovel. We covered it with moss and surrounded it with pebbles. Elizabeth also placed bark upright against the back of the tank.

The overall look was woodland creek bed. It's much rockier than her previous habitat which had more dirt. We found that the dirt still contained several worms, so hopefully this way, Gidget will be able to find all the grubs before they disappear underground.