Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lamp Shade Made From Slides

As part of my new classroom decoration, I found a fun idea on Pinterest that I just had to try: a lampshade made from old slides!

I found the lamp at Goodwill for a few bucks. It had an ugly shade, but all I needed was the wire frame. It took about two to three hours to make the shade, some of that scrounging up supplies and figuring out the best way to attach everything.

The slides are mine, photos that I took on various trips around the world and from college. Deciding which slides to use was one of the hardest parts. I didn't want to use my good slides but wanted the images to still be compelling.

I used yellow and red plastic coated wire for the connectors, cut into one inch pieces. A drill press gave me even holes on all four sides. It would be interesting to do the math on how many two inch slides would fit the circumference of the shade, but I was able to get thirteen slides to each row with little finagling.

In keeping with the new eclectic nature of the decor, I added a pair of 3-D glasses. Overall, I really like the look and hope my students do too.