Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lost While Mapping: Found A Biblical Integration Resource

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As part of our ACSI certification process, we are mapping out all our curriculum, including biblical integration and cross-referencing state standards. Considering I don't have any formal textbooks, the process is forcing me to formalize all the crazy piles of data I've been using. A necessary process, but still very tedious and time consuming.

One area that I struggle with is the biblical integration element. It sounds good, and what a Christian school should be doing, but exactly what is it and how do I get it done? I don't want to slap a glossy veneer of Bible verses on top of an HTML lesson. I figured I was not the first person to struggle with this process, so a little internet searching turned up some help.

I came across, which seemed to express the same concerns and frustrations I was feeling. But beyond commiserating, the site provided free downloads of worksheets and examples on how to walk through the process of seeing a classroom lesson through a Christian worldview.

It has totally helped me rethink the way I'm planning units and lessons. The process still isn't any faster or easier, but at least I have confidence in the finished product. I truly see how computer classes can be used to challenge a student's presumptions about the world and how the Bible addresses those presumptions.