Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review: Star Wars Tiny Death Star

This break we picked up the game app Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. It's quick to learn but the game takes days worth of patience to play.

Built on the premise that the Emperor and Darth Vader need cash to build a Death Star, they decide to start with a few business levels and add on as funds come in. Your job is to manage the growth of the death star by employing people to work, stocking floors and adding levels.

Once we understood the game play, it became obvious that a business plan would help guide our choices. Everything takes place in real time, so when a level requires four hours to build, it literally takes four hours. A casual expenditure can set back production for days. That's where a business plan helps, by keeping goals and priorities in line.

I'm finding that Elizabeth, who regularly plays management games (like Animal Jam and Pet Vet) does much better. Josiah prefers more action in his games, so the long term effort has trouble holding his attention.