Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Big Decision

Spring Mill Camping Trip Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Each book could have several different endings based on the choices made while reading. In a way, our lives are similar. Everyday we have choices to make.

But sometimes we are faced with a decision so important that it can alter the entire direction of our life. The path of faith begins with a definitive choice, probably the most important decision you will ever make.

It was through the teaching of my kindergarten Sunday school teacher, Mrs Gilmore, that I understood I was a sinner and needed Jesus to save me from my sins. That afternoon I told my mom that I wanted to know how to be saved. She said that I could talk with pastor after the evening service.

My pastor loved kids but he was a very imposing man, especially for a five year old. But I was determined, knowing that this was something I had to do. So after church, while pastor was shaking hands with everyone at the door, I told him I wanted to be saved. He immediately asked a deacon to shake hands and took me into his office, which scared me. I knew this must be serious business, because pastor never let anyone leave without shaking his hand!

Looking back, I realize now that pastor walked me through the Romans Road, the Four Spiritual Laws, John 3:16 and a few other plans of salvation. When he was satisfied that I understood what I was doing and not just parroting things I had heard, he explained how I needed to pray. I then asked God to forgive my sins, come into my life and be my Lord and Savior.

After I finished praying, I felt extremely happy. It was the first time I ever had tears of joy. I was so overjoyed that I ran right past my mom and straight to Mrs Gilmore. I wanted her to be the first person I told about asking Christ into my life.

The path I chose back in kindergarten has not been easy or always clear, but God has remained faithful. The prophet Habakkuk has helped me through many uncertain difficulties with his reminder that "the just will live by faith." True life is only possible through faithfulness to God's word.