Saturday, April 12, 2014

iPod Sync with Rhythmbox on Ubuntu

How converting to Ubuntu got more use from an old PC, without losing access to music files or juggling different music storage systems. Now Android and iPod can sync to the same music archive through Rhythmbox.

With Windows XP no longer supported, I converted our old PC over to Linux Ubuntu. We've been running Ubuntu on a laptop for a couple years now so everyone in the family is used to it. We mostly kept it running so the kids could play PC games, but they've slowly converted to Android app games on the Nexus 7 tablet. In fact, no one liked using the PC because it was too slow and cumbersome.

It does have an extra hard drive where we've archived all our old photos, records and most importantly, ripped music from our CD collection. I certainly did not want to lose all that data during the conversion. Our library is copied up to Google Play but it's still nice to access the original ripped copies. Neither did I want to rip 342 albums again.

Another goal was for my youngest to still be able to use her iPod. When she first received it as a gift, we had to install iTunes and rip her few CDs so she could listen to her music. It always irked me that I was managing two different copies of albums.

But after converting to Ubuntu, Rhythmbox took about thirty minutes to update its library. I then dropped selected songs into a new playlist for the iPod. Once the device was plugged in, Ubuntu recognized it and was able to add it to the player's list of devices. I could then select what songs or playlists would sync and within minutes it was loaded and ready to go. With warmer weather approaching, we're looking to be outside more, and now we can take our music with us!