Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vacationing With Facebook Lists

Have you just returned from a spring break trip? Try using Facebook's Interest Lists to keep the fun going.

By compiling a list of places you enjoyed visiting, the vacation can continue long after returning home. We like to visit parks, and by following their Facebook news feeds we get a glimpse into areas of the park we didn't explore. We can also see what the park looks like in other seasons.

Or are you dreaming of warmer weather? Those same lists can help plan a summer vacation. News items can alert you to the best dates/times to visit. You could even fine tune your vacation schedule according to reviews and notices received.

The nice part about Interest Lists is that you can access the list news feed anytime. It becomes a convenient way to organize a large and diverse news feed. The same function could be accomplished in Google+ by creating specific circles around vacation destinations. Depending on the types of businesses you want to track, they may have a larger presence on Facebook than G+.