Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwing Cold Water on Ice Bucket Challenge

No amount of ice on my head will help this disease. The latest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge may be well intentioned but misses the point. It has become more of a dousing dare and less of a research fundraiser for a deadly disease.

Pictured are my grandparents. I remember my grandpa caring for my grandmother as she steadily lost her battle against Lou Gehrig's Disease. When she lost her voice, they communicated with notes and pointing. When she could no longer swallow, he ate lunch alone after feeding her through a tube. And one of the few times I've saw Grandpa weep was at Grandma's funeral.

The original dare was to donate money OR doused with ice water. Now kids are just dumping ice with no contribution to the cause. Thanks for challenging me to participate, but I have no desire to minimize my grandmother's struggle with ALS.

Note: should you decide to send money, please read this post first.