Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bringing Ideas To Life

Annie set design mock-up
One of the joys of planning is seeing ideas take on life. The first image is a conceptual drawing for a high school production of the musical Annie. The second picture is from the actual stage production.

Annie set design orphanage scene
The design called for a New York skyline painted on the back wall of the stage. The stairway is a permanent piece built along perspective lines to give it a greater sense of depth.

The buildings on the left are a single flat also painted in perspective. Through the use of color in the lighting, moods are implied and set pieces help differentiate the setting.

Of course there are variances, differences between what is imagined and what actually develops. That's what is fun! There is a discovery process as we continually try to figure out how our ideas work in the real world.

Perhaps it's the perfectionist in us that demands everything must be "just right." We need to remember this is a fallen world full of mistakes, problems and obstacles. How we approach those difficulties tells as much about our character as achieving the "correct" outcome.

Performances are Friday and Saturday, October 24 and 25. Tickets can be purchased at the school office or at the door.