Saturday, March 28, 2015

Making Connections

Most of life's moments should be a vehicle for connecting with others. Too often we think they are about fulfilling some personal need, like hunger, entertainment or personal comfort. But the hope, faith and love shared between brothers and sisters in Christ can sustain us through difficult times.

Everyone in all cultures needs to eat, sleep and enjoys entertainment. If we recognize these moments as means to an end, then we are free to cherish the connections they forge. But when we operate in different cultural spheres, it can be extra difficult.

What many people lack is the right adapter. Just as South Africa operates on 220 volt and my electronics use 110, our relationships need adapters. Patience, love, and faith are the tools God grants to open up opportunities for building meaningful relationships.

Sometimes those interactions are temporal and other times they grow into deep, lasting bonds. By next week, I won't be able to share in the daily lives of those families serving here in Pretoria, just as I have been out of touch with life back home while here.

I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences and people I have met at Bethesda Outreach and for the gracious, hard working team members who have joined with me on this journey. I believe we will all live more richly because of our time together.