Sunday, April 19, 2015

Exploring Literature with Minecraft

Shipwrecked with only sinking supplies and your wits, sounds like another Minecraft adventure! Through the end of school the Minecraft club will be exploring the book Swiss Family Robinson by recreating each chapter. Students are also keeping a journal of their adventure (pictured).

An interesting comment came early on by a long time Minecrafter. This young man informed me that it would be easy to survive on the island. He already knew how to craft several items and how to find supplies. But then I pointed out that he really had no idea if any of those things were even available. This was the point of day one, collect everything you might need from the ship before going a shore.

A couple groups did well at sticking together, talking to each other and working towards a common goal. We did lose one person at sea and a few had trouble leaving gold behind. After twenty minutes, another "expert" realized they did not bring any food with them, and that hunting was not an easy option on the island.

The goal of our first session was to consider planning ahead and setting priorities. W hihile time did not permit us to read through the first chapter, I did point out some of the wisdom shared by father as they prepared to leave the ship. Similar items were available with possible crafting combinations an item or two away from easily being done. Students who set aside personal agendas and worked together saw the greatest success.

If you would like to run a similar series, be sure to check out my Minecraft web site.