Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Organize Email with Folders

Teachers love folders - color coordinated, labeled and organized! Did you know that the same thing can be done with email?

One way to keep your Inbox neat and clean is to use the following method:
> ​After you read an email, if you don't need it, delete it.
> If you need to keep it, move it to a folder for storage.
> If you need to do something with it, keep it in your inbox until the task is complete, then move the email to a folder for storage.

The benefit to this method is that your inbox only contains items to do. Completed emails are sorted and filed. It's similar to how most of us process snail mail, unless you have a large stack of unread letters and bills sitting inside the front door!

Microsoft has a great Office Training Article that describes how to setup and manage email folders. And don't worry about losing items that have been filed away. The search bar can locate emails with keywords in any folder you create.