Saturday, May 7, 2016

Book Review: Unravel

Unravel describes both the title and my interest in this series.

The first book Linked was a teen space chase that spent large amounts of time exploring the emotional and psychological connection between long lost twins. This sequel by Imogen Howson picks up when the twins return to their home planet.

Naively these teenage girls think they can walk into a galactic social crisis and fix everything. But affections for a boy and hurt feelings towards each other become the greatest obstacle they must overcome.

Where the first book dealt with feelings of affection, the second becomes more graphic in displays of affection. As if to emphasize the character's maturity, the swearing increases as well.

Where the first book could have been a young adult sci-fi romance, the second becomes an unabashed romance novel simply set on another planet. I was glad to finally finish the book and occasionally considered leaving it unfinished.

Howson writes for both young adult and the adult market. Parents should be aware that the distinctions between the two categories may be occasionally blurred.