Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Skinny Margins

For me, blogging is like doodling in the margin. But when life becomes full, the margins shrink and blogging is one of the first things to go. For the past couple months my creative passions have been consumed with more prescient concerns. Gardening, which is a relaxing hobby for me, has suffered and the yard reflects it. And blogging has fallen aside.

It's been an interesting first quarter to the school year. For the past two to three months almost every aspect of my day has seen a shift. We have a new administration with a different  communication and management style. Both my kids decided to join their school's musical which drew me back into the set design. And we decided it was time to explore churches closer to home.

Yesterday, my daughter and I enjoyed an afternoon along the archery trail at Racoon State Park, a rare moment of respite in a hectic late summer. I also finished up the slideshow for my conference workshop later this week. And so my goal over the second quarter of school is to work at widening my margins. This requires an intentional disconnect or limiting of my attention as I attempt to widen the margins again.