Saturday, September 9, 2017

Change Your Outlook Challenge

Can you customize your Office email experience? Take the Change Your Outlook Challenge. #gamifyed

This week I made a deck of Outlook Challenge cards and challenged staff to compete against each other. The rules are simple:

Break into teams (pairs work best). Shuffle the deck and place it face down. One team takes a card off the top. If they can demonstrate how to perform the action, they keep the card. If they are not sure, they may challenge the other team to perform the task. Whichever team successfully completes the challenge keeps the card. The team with the most cards wins!

On the bottom of each card is the Microsoft Office Outlook support website where each of the card items was pulled from. Step by step instructions are included on the website for each card. I also pointed out that the correct instructions change based on the Outlook version used.

Feel free to make your own cards or download, print and cut apart my set.