Book Review: Cardboard

Cardboard As a father who spent many afternoons building cardboard creations with my younger kids, the idea that those cutouts could come to life is intriguing. This book was a fun afternoon read. Despite being over 280 pages, I finished it in one sitting.

The story is about friendship, moving beyond obstacles of grief and isolation, and building relationships. For those who struggle with magic as a reason for cardboard cutouts to act alive, there is a vague attempt to explain how the cardboard comes to life - but it's even more bizarre so just go with it.

There were no issues with language or sexual innuendo but there is some mild peril and violence as the monster cardboard creations must be prevented from destroying the world. Well drawn with an engaging plot that continues to move, this would be a great book for upper elementary or older readers.

Cardboard by Doug TenNapel
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