Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Age of Speed

Picked up another book at the library - The Age of Speed by Vince Poscente. It looks to be a good read with shorter, faster chapters. Perfect for poolside.
This always seems to be a lament at school, that things move too fast. Changes come quicker than we like. We feel forced to modify before our time. Or as the editor of a local newspaper where I used to work would say, "It's evolution, change or die."
But the reality is that technology is nothing like it was two years ago when I started teaching. IM was all the rage and now kids just text. I was downloading Office 2007 and now we're staring at 2010. We still used paper grade books; next year they will all be on-line (admin still wants us to print a hard copy - why?)
So I'm looking forward to reading this book, where speed is our tool to a better life and no longer our master.