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38 Updates

It's done. The elementary computer lab is fully functional and ready for little gamers, programmers and a lot of keyboarding. It's exciting to think about how much better the setup will be, too bad I'm not teaching elementary computers this year. We two middle school teachers that are picking up the responsibility.

This summer the elementary rooms were repainted which necessitated EVERYTHING be unplugged and moved into the hallway, including the Smartboard. I also decided to take half the computers out and move them to the high school lab. That leaves only twelve computers.

My theory is that there was usually so much excitement about learning or discovering new things, that the kids were always jumping up to share with their friends. Now they will work in pairs with two chairs to each PC and two PC's creating a pod. It should be easier to circulate around the room. Before we had four rows that terminated at the wall and kids would trip over the wires of the row behind. Now all the wires are in the middle of the pod.

Besides moving and reconnecting all the cables, when I went to update the software Microsoft informed me that there were 38 updates. Guess that's what happens when the computers aren't used all summer long. I was glad to see our wireless router keep up with twelve PC's clamoring for connectivity. Still, it took a couple hours to get them all up to date.

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