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All In A Day's Work

Let's see, what all did I do today? First we brainstormed yearbook themes. Fun but creativity takes effort first thing in the morning. I should have had that second cup of coffee.

Then in Web Design we shopped for three different telecommunications Internet Service Providers. Interesting to note that Juno and NetZero have identical websites but different pricing.

Prep period was spent networking a new netbook for remedial help and rearranging the second lab. The PC's remained connected, I just needed to move furniture. I also helped a teacher who's unchanged password was blocking their Internet access - just a little trouble shooting over the phone.

Researched the American Sociological Association and guided students through developing tri-fold brochures for the organization. Even though I'm not grading their graphics arts skills it was refreshing to see quality brochures with real content and more than quick clip art.

Then after a hasty lunch of turkey sandwich and yogurt, the geography class tackled relief and topographical maps. I wanted them to color sections of a single map which we could piece together on the wall. Unfortunately, I should have given them a master copy to mimic rather than flounder on colors.

The girls in Computer Applications then enjoyed researching actual web design jobs in Los Angeles but got the biggest kick from locating beach side apartments they could afford with their job's salary. They may only be freshmen but it's ok to start opening their eyes to the true cost of living.

Programming class then flew through the entire second chapter about Windows XP, mostly because we had covered the year before in Computer Applications. I'm excited to start Small Basic sooner but have yet to install the software and work out my lesson plans.

And so with classes finally over I headed outside to run with the cross country team that I coach. We have a meet on Thursday so it's important to keep everyone updated and ready to do their best. Then as five o'clock rolls around I could begin catching up on all the IT requests.

With the elementary lab reconfigured, I needed to add three more PC's. One was an old high school lab PC so it just needed updates run, but the other two were donated. That means finding network drivers, validating windows, and networking them. none of my day was particularly difficult or disconcerting, but now twelve hours after arriving at school, I'm ready to go home.

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